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ZYN Cucumber Lime Slim

ZYN Cucumber Lime Slim

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ZYN Cucumber Lime Slim delivers slimmed all white portions with a fresh taste of citrus, lime and cucumber. The pouches are completely free from tobacco and with their perfectly moist content release both nic and flavour in a controlled way for optimal experience.

ZYN Cucumber Lime Slim is manufactured by Swedish Match and has a mellow nic strength of 6,5mg/pouch.

Nic mg/g: 9
Nic mg/pouch: 6,5
Content: 14,7g
Format: Slim
Manufacturer: Swedish Match

Declaration of content
Water, plant fiber, fillers (E460), humectant (E422), salt, acidity regulator (E500, E334, E509), nicotine, aromas, sweetener (E950). Contains lime oil, lemon oil and eucalyptus oil

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