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ZYN Violet Licorice Slim

ZYN Violet Licorice Slim

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ZYN Violet Licorice Slim by Swedish Match is inspired by the classic nordic combination of tastes with violet and licorice.

The combination of violet and licorice is something that has been around for a long time when it comes to Swedish seasoning. The floral taste of violet goes extremely well against the saltiness of the licorice. The updated design of the can comes packed with 21 pouches that has a very thin paper and sits comfortably under your lip. ZYN Violet Licorice comes with a nicotine level of 6mg/pouch which would translate to 9mg/g of total nic level.

Nic mg/g: 9
Nic mg/pouch: 6,5
Content: 14,7g
Format: Slim
Manufacturer: Swedish Match

Declaration of content
Fillers (E 965, E 460, E 414), acidity regulator (E 500), stabilizer (E 463), aromas, nic, sweeteners (E 950).

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