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Snatch Frozen Ultra Strong

Snatch Frozen Ultra Strong

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Snatch Frozen Ultra Strong is a super strong nic pouch with the classic taste of mint. The intense deep-frozen feeling you get when using Snatch Frozen together with it's high nic content of 30mg/g is truly the ultimate combination. All pouches are 100% tobacco free and all white. The can offers 22 pouches absolutely packed with mint flavor and due to it's perfectly slimmed shape, every one of them sits discretely under your lip.

Nic mg/g: 30
Nic mg/pouch: 21
Content: 14g
Format: Slim
Manufacturer: Consumer Brands International

Declaration of content
Cellulose, water, nic, salt, glycerol, menthol aroma, potassium sorbate, birch sugar, menthol, ammonium glycyrrhizinate, peppermint oil (natural), baking soda, methyl salicylate, L-menthon, eucalyptol, pine extract.

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