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DOPE Freeze #50

DOPE Freeze #50

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DOPE Freeze #50 is a slim all white nic pouch with extremely strong nic level of 50mg/g and offers you the flavor of mint and eucalyptus.

The slimmed all white pouches comes packed with flavor and nic (35mg/pouch). The portions are semi-moist to deliver a fast release of nic and flavor. DOPE is produced by Consumer Brands International who is also behind the brand Snatch

Due to the high level of nic we do not recommend this product to beginners

Nic mg/g: 50
Nic mg/pouch: 35
Content: 15,4g
Format: Slim
Portions/Can: 22

Declaration of content
cellulose (E460), glycerol (E422), L-menthol, nic, peppermint oil (natural), baking soda, L-menthol-3-one, cineole

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