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Premium Nic pouches from Royal Pouches

Want to feel like a real Ace? Then you need to try this high nic content and well-designed nic pouch from Royal Pouches. The carefully manufactured and high nic infused pouches are a real satisfaction to use. With 18mg/g of nic strength the experience is guaranteed to make you feel the levels of satisfaction.

Ace Super White

With Ace Super White Ministry of Snus have focused only on essential elements to give you, the consumer, a sublime, pure and high-impact product. All unnecessities left behind – giving you the bare essentials. Simply a product for the future made with transparency and sincerity. Ace Super White provides the familiar experience of traditional tobacco products, only it's completely tobacco free. You get the same powerful flavour in a new, ultra-clean universe. Cool Mint. Green Lemon. Eucalyptus. Extreme Cool. Pure essentials.

Ace X Super White

With its enhanced release profile and a higher nic level, Ace X accelerates like a sling­shot around the sun and sends you forward instantaneously. With Ace X Super White portions you’ll experience ultimate strength! With Ace X it's almost as they dipped their pouches in rocket fuel to give you the strongest sensation yet!

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